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The AmArtgallerybrussel committee decided to produce an artistic magazine so that you artists (painters, sculptors, photographers, watercolourists...), are always present on the cultural scene! 
A4 magazine – colour printing on matte paper with semi-gloss soft cover. 
This magazine will include one or more photos of your works and according to your wishes, contact information, presentation text and art critic. 
This project is set up for an release in 1st quarter 2021. 
Some copies will be allocated to each participating artist with the possibility of obtaining additional copies according to request and prior agreement. 
As soon as the situation permits, this high-quality magazine will be made available in some museums, bookstores, cultural centres, spaces with bookshop… and at our future exhibitions.
Magazine in Flip format : 
Conditions for participation in No. 1 - 2021 
Cover: semi-gloss 250 g/m²
Paper: matt paper 115 g/m²
Page size: 22 cm x 28 cm

For purchase of 1 page : € 50,00 all inclusive.
You will receive 1 review per page purchased.
You can purchase additional magazines at a price of € 18,00 and from 10 magazines (in one go) at a price of € 15,00.

For the purchase of 6 pages : you will have the opportunity to exhibit 6 works, with a very low participation, at one of our upcoming exhibitions in one of the halls of the center of Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Bruges, etc.
Duration of the exhibition: 8 days within the year from the date of release of the review (depending on the possibilities and availability of different locations following the Covid crisis and the number of participants).

For the purchase of 8 pages: same conditions as for 6 pages with 2 additional pages free of charge.

For the purchase of 10 pages : same conditions as for 8 pages with, free of charge, a personal page on our website, a privileged place in one of our newsletters (distributed to several hundred people in the world) and sharing your work on our Facebook page.

• The purchase of your insert on the cover page or back cover is related to the purchase of a minimum of 6 inside pages under the conditions above. Priority to first reservation.
Cover : € 100,00
Back cover : € 80,00

It seems to us that 4 pages minimum would be more interesting for a good visibility.

This journal will be written in English, so it can be distributed throughout Europe.
These will be sold to the public, especially at the museum and in our future exhibitions for € 18,00.

Your presentation and/or critical texts must be sent to us in English, or in the language of your choice.

Furthermore, we can study the feasibility of creating an "Hors série" magazine, an album, a book... dedicated only to an artist, you for example!
Document to download, complete and send back to us via MAIL 
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